Title Page iii

Introduction xi

1. Recording and Transforming: The Mystery of the Ten-Minute Freewrite 3

Sheryl I. Fontaine

2 Freewriting: An Aid to Rereading Theorists 16

Pat Belanoff

3 Bound Forms in Freewriting: The Issue of Organization 32

Richard H. Haswell

4 Using Focused Freewriting to Promote Critical Thinking 71

Lynn Hammond

5 Exploring the Potential of Freewriting 93

Joy Marsella and Thomas L. Hilgers

6 Voices of Participation: Three Case Studies 111

Diana George and Art Young

7 Freewriting in the Classroom: Good for What? 139

Anne E. Mullin

8 Freewriting: Teacher Perception and Research Data 148

Barbara W. Cheshire

9 Self-Expressive Writing: Implications for Health, Education, and Welfare 157

James W. Pennebaker

10 The Freewriting Relationship 173

Ken Macrorie

11 Toward a Phenomenology of Freewriting 189

Peter Elbow

12 Why I Hate to Freewrite 214

Robert Whitney

13 Reflections of an Experienced Freewriter 231

Karen Ferro

14 The New Rhetoric and the New Journalism 243

Chris Anderson

15 Projective Verse and Freewriting 258

Burton Hatlen

16 Thinking and the Liberation of Attention 283

Sheridan Blau

Appendix: Sequence of Invisible Writing Experimental Tasks 297

References Cited 301

Notes on Contributors 317


Southern Illinois University Press, 1991