Forward: "About Academic Personal Expressive Writing." (Peter Elbow)

1 "Mourning into Dancing" (Mary C. Savage)

2 "Learning Requires Resistance" (Sarah Dalmas Jonsberg)

3 "Subjectivity and Sociality: An Exchange" (Mara Holt and John Trimbur)

4 "The Generalized Other and Me: Workingclass Women and the Academy" (Pat Belanoff)

5 "Exploratory Writing to Collegues" (Paul Connolly)

6 "Late Night Thoughts on Writing and Teaching Essays" (Chris Anderson)

7 "Enduring and Diagnosing Reader's Block" (Lisa Stapleton Melanson)

8 "Personal Writing, Professional Ethos, and the Voice of 'Common Sense' " (Stephen North)

9 "A Reply to Stephen North" (David Bartholomae)

10 "Silence and Slow Time: Pedagogies from Inner Space." (Mary Rose O'Reilley)

Eastern Illinois University Press, 1990