1 High Stakes and Low Stakes in Assigning and Responding to Writing (Peter Elbow)

2 Writing Back and Forth: Class Letters (Toby Fulwiler)

3 Mentoring, Modeling, Monitoring, Motivating: Response to Students' Ungraded Writing as Academic Conversation (Art Young)

4 Peer Response to Low Stakes Writing in a WAC Literature Classroom (M. Elizabeth Sargent)

5 Student Writing in Philosophy: A Sketch of Five Techniques (Stephen M. Fishman)

6 Developing and Responding to Major Writing Projects (Anne J. Herrington)

7 Negotiating the Margins: Some Principles for Responding to Our Students' Writing, Some Strategies for Helping Students Read Our Comments (Elizabeth Hodges)

8 When Less is More: Principles for Responding in the Disciplines (Ronald F. Lunsford)

9 In Our Own Voices: Using Recorded Commentary to Respond to Writing (Chris M. Anson)

10 Responding to Writing On-Line (Gail E. Hawisher and Charles Moran)

11 Grading Student Writing: Making It Simpler, Fairer, Clearer (Peter Elbow)

12 The Role of Faculty Development Programs in Helping Teachers to Improve Student Learning Through Writing (Elizabeth Ann Caldwell and Mary Deane Sorcinelli)


Jossey-Bass, 1997